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How Long Does a Landscape Tree Project Take to Complete?

Every landscaping tree project is different, so estimating how long it will take to complete your project varies depending on how big a landscape design installation you want. 

Once you have a wishlist of what you want, you can determine some factors that affect the time it takes to complete the job.

Factors That Affect How Long a Tree Landscape Project Takes

Several factors can affect how long it takes to complete your tree landscape project. We mentioned the scope of the overall project, but in addition, here are more factors to consider:

  • Complexity of the design
  • Special requirements related to soil type and drainage. 
  • Issues associated with obtaining permits or zoning regulations
  • Delivery time of custom items
  • Seasonal temperatures or inclement weather

A plan for working around these conditions can ensure the project gets done within your timeframe.

Working with Elitie Coastal Landscaping, we know local requirements and regulations in both Horry and Brunswick Counties. We will guide you along the process and perform our best to see the projects completed within the desired timeframe.

Another time factor is how long it takes to pick out your trees.

Evaluating the Right Tree for Your Landscape Project

Choosing the right tree for your landscape project is essential to any successful outdoor design. There are a variety of considerations when selecting a suitable tree. Some of these considerations include the following:

  •  Size
  •  Shape
  •  Leaf type
  •  Color
  •  Growth rate
  •  Soil type

Palm trees are popular here in the Carolinas because beach palm trees do well in hot climates. 

Remember that soil is different from region to region. To make the most of your trees, understand the climate and type of soil here in Myrtle Beach. Then, you can choose palm trees or any other trees based on their unique needs and your style. 

Evaluating these factors ensures that your selected tree will be well-suited to its location and thrive in your landscape. The type of tree you would buy may play a small role in the completion time of your landscape project.

So, let’s see how we go about selecting the suitable trees.

Choosing the Right Trees for Your Landscape Design Project

We will consider several factors when we help you choose the right trees for your landscape design project. 

First, we consider the size and shape of your space and the amount of sunlight it receives to determine which trees will be best suited to the location.

We want to factor in how quickly a tree grows and its growth habits, as this can affect other aspects of your landscape plan, such as pathways or walkways.

Our understanding of the lifecycle of various trees can also be beneficial. We will be able to let you know how long they will live and when their blossoms bloom to create a balanced landscape.

Homeowners may not know about any potential hazards associated with certain trees, such as falling branches or roots, that may affect underground piping or other infrastructure. Consulting with Elite Coastal Landscaping is your best choice to complete the selection process.

How Long Does Landscape Tree Selection Take?

Selecting the right tree can take a few days, weeks, or months. If you search for a professional landscape designer near you, like Elite Coastal Landscaping, we design a 3D landscape rendering. This cutting-edge software lets you choose options and see what they look like before buying, which can speed up the process. 

You will see placement based on height and the yard’s square footage, how many trees you want, and what they will look like. We can also show you how different trees combined can blend well for the look you want to achieve.

This fantastic design software saves you time and can get the planning done quicker than a hand drawing or just being in the dark with ideas with little or no direction.

When it comes to landscape tree selection, timing is vital. Creating a timeline that includes research, ordering materials, and planting is essential.

Working With an Experienced Professional to Complete Your Landscaping Tree Project on Time

Working with a professional and experienced landscape company can help you complete your landscaping tree project on time. We will also be able to advise you on how to effectively incorporate trees into your landscape without causing any disruption to the property.

We will be able to guide you on how best to care for your trees so that they remain healthy and vibrant over time. These factors combined make it essential to seek professional advice when undertaking a tree-planting project.

We recommend working with our beach landscaping team to complete your project promptly. However, as with any home renovation project, it’s important to be patient and realistic when considering how long it will take for a landscape project to be completed on time. 

Even with the top experienced professionals we have on our team, many variables can affect timelines and progress, so flexibility and understanding are key. These variables include inclement weather, extreme temperatures, supply chains, and how much work is needed to prepare the soil in your yard for your tree planting project.


When selecting trees, it’s important to consider climate, soil type, size, light requirements, and water needs. Evaluating the right tree for your landscape project requires research and understanding the growing characteristics.

Working with an experienced professional landscaper can help you choose and install suitable trees for your Myrtle Beach landscape design project in a timely manner. Whether you’re looking to establish a shade garden or create a flowering oasis, proper tree selection is essential in creating an outdoor space that reflects your vision and goals. We can select the perfect trees for your landscape design project with careful research and planning.