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How Landscape Lighting Equals Better Outdoor Living Space

Increase curb appeal and enhance your home’s hardscape features.

Good landscape lighting is essential for a great outdoor living experience. The old basic outdoor lighting plans are becoming a thing of the past. In 2024, a well-integrated lighting plan is crucial to getting the most out of your outdoor living spaces, and let’s not forget the added value it brings to your home. 

With new technology and color options, the possibilities are endless.

Let’s read about how and why landscape lighting can create a better outdoor living space and what you must consider before installing it.

Hiring a landscape designer is best, as they know how to install lighting safely, stay within your budget, and create precisely what you need to make your outdoor lighting gorgeous.

Creating the Perfect Ambiance and Mood Makes a Big Difference

Just like the lighting you use indoors to capture the mood of your home, you want to take that same approach outside. For outdoor lighting, use soft lighting with subtle shadows. 

Avoid overlighting and using high-wattage lighting unless it is dimmable. LED lights are a popular choice for low voltage.

Brighter lights can be used in areas with more light, like your driveway and walkways. Softer lighting creates an intimate atmosphere in the sitting regions. If you want to add a pop of color, use lights that complement your home or illuminate your pool. 

Be Aware of Any Safety Concerns with Landscape Lighting

Adequate outdoor lighting plays a critical role in enhancing the safety of outdoor landscape spaces, thereby helping individuals avoid injuries. 

Installing landscape or hardscape lights along walkways, stairs, and hardscape walls significantly reduces the risk of tripping. 

Lighting placed strategically near outdoor fire pits or fireplaces improves visibility, making it easier to start a fire. At the same time, illumination above a grill island or meal prep counter helps the grillmaster avoid burns or cuts. 

Additionally, sufficient lighting around parking areas and doorways effectively deters criminal activity. 

In summary, proper outdoor lighting ensures outdoor landscape spaces’ safety.

Outdoor Landscape Lighting Options for your Outdoor Living Space

Choosing the proper outdoor lighting early in the process is preferred when planning your outdoor living space. That way, the needed electrical lines or outlets can be run and installed without retrofitting the space later, adding to the landscape lighting cost, depending on your choice. 

1. Hardscape Lighting:

When designing your hardscape lighting, it’s important to consider how you’ll be illuminating it. Various hardscape lighting options can add beauty, safety, and functionality to your outdoor space. 

Wall lights can be placed on retaining walls or garden walls to create a warm ambiance, while step lights are installed on stairs to ensure safe footing in the dark. 

Pillar sconces can highlight entryways, and paver lights can be integrated into walkways and patios to guide guests and create a stunning visual effect. Planning your hardscape lighting before installation is best to ensure that it seamlessly integrates into your design.

2 Landscape Lighting:

Path lights and landscape accent lights add an ethereal quality to outdoor spaces, especially in areas where the light filters through tree limbs or garden foliage. Just because it is dark outside doesn’t mean you can’t show off and enjoy your greenery.

3 Flood Lights: 

Flood safety lights are helpful for illuminating driveways, the dark side of a house, or to show off your palm trees and landscape features. To conserve energy, motion-sensing flood lights are effective in areas that don’t need to stay illuminated for long periods. Additionally, police recommend keeping carports and entrance doorways illuminated to prevent crime.

4 String Lights:

String lights are currently a popular way to add a festive quality to an outdoor space. Just be sure to buy shatterproof bulbs if you plan to string them over hardscaped areas. For new construction, include electrical outlets in porch ceilings to avoid having to run extension cords. It creates a much cleaner look.

5 Overhead Lighting:

If you have a porch, you can enhance its appearance by installing recessed or hanging light fixtures. Pendant lights and chandeliers create an “outdoor room” feel. Choosing dimmable overhead lights is recommended so you can easily adjust the brightness to match the desired ambiance.

6 Fire Features:

When lit, fire bowls and other fire features will help illuminate your space with a welcoming glow. You can also often incorporate low-voltage lighting to the outside of many fire features to boost lighting as needed.

7. Pools and Water Features: 

Lighting can add a graceful aesthetic to pools, fountains, and water features, creating a shimmering effect as it reflects off moving water. Depending on the effect you’d like to create, lighting can be installed underwater or directed at the water.

In conclusion, many options, colors, and styles of landscape lighting can create the outdoor oasis you have always dreamed of. A little light goes a long way to elevate your outdoor oasis into a backyard retreat your neighbors will envy.

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