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About Elite Coastal Landscaping LLC

In 1988, Elite Coastal Landscaping LLC was established by Andrew Haro, a visionary landscape designer driven by a deep passion for crafting stunning outdoor spaces. From its humble beginnings, Andrew carefully selected a team of dedicated professionals who shared the same values and beliefs, forming the foundation on which the company was built.


Excellence: We believe in the pursuit of excellence. Good enough is never enough. It’s our guiding principle that lights our path in every project. Magic is found in the details. We deliver top-tier services, strive for perfection, and continuously elevate our standards. We never settle for mediocrity. Why should you?

Customer Satisfaction: We believe in surpassing expectations and prioritize client satisfaction. Your vision drives us to create tailored solutions within your budget. We value clear communication and transparency to keep you informed and content throughout the process.

Highest Quality Assurance: We believe in elevating the quality of life for homeowners and businesses. Our team is award-winning for high-quality craftsmanship, meticulous attention to detail, visionary creativity, and exceptional design abilities. We use the best materials and follow industry best practices. Our team has a wealth of experience and in-depth knowledge of horticulture and landscapes that thrive.

Giving back: We believe in community outreach and paying it forward. Specifically, we hold strong support for our Veterans. Our team has taken action by establishing free community workshops, partnering with local schools, and participating in charitable events. Through these initiatives, we aim to further our commitment to social responsibility.

Innovative technology: We believe in using advanced technology and innovation to stay current and relevant in custom outdoor designs. Our use of 3D simulation software, the latest and most advanced landscaping technology, sets us apart as a cutting-edge leader in the industry. You can see your project before construction begins.

Eco-Friendly: We believe in being kind to the environment and improving it for our kids and grandkids. We adopted sustainable landscape practices, promoting eco-friendly solutions and materials to minimize environmental impact.

Through these unwavering beliefs, tireless drive, passionate dedication, and hard work, we have established ourselves as leaders in outdoor landscape design in the Carolinas. Our mission is to turn mundane spaces into unforgettable experiences. We are privileged to have collaborated with homeowners and businesses in the community on various projects, including designing water features, hardscapes, pools, and spas to create complete outdoor living area masterpieces. Your imagination is the limit. If you can think of it, we can design it and bring your ideas to life.

As we progress toward the future, our vision remains unwavering. We strive to maintain our position as industry leaders by turning outdoor spaces into mesmerizing works of art. We embrace technology and sustainability while pushing ourselves to reach even greater heights.