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12 Different Hardscapes For Landscaping in Myrtle Beach 

“The secret to an easy, successful hardscaping project is knowing what you want and trusting your instincts.”

What are Hardscapes?  

You will hear the term hardscapes while talking about landscaping. There are many types of hardscape designs for landscaping projects. Hardscapes are defined as the non-living elements in a landscape design. With various uses and material options, many homes have hardscape designs in their landscaping. Luxury and affordability combined into one.

Read about 12 different types of hardscapes often used in Myrtle Beach. Remember your hardscape options and materials will be different depending on the region you live in.


Patios are functional outdoor areas with concrete, pavers, or natural stone materials. These hardscape surfaces provide a versatile space for outdoor activities such as dining, seating, and socializing. Patios can complement any outdoor landscape, offering a seamless transition between indoor and outdoor living spaces.

With a patio, homeowners can enjoy all the benefits outdoor living offers. Pavers come in all shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, including eco-friendly recycled rubber. Durable and versatile, pavers will bring form and function to your property while complementing your landscape’s natural components. The joints between pavers help eliminate the cracking that occurs over time with poured concrete. 


Because outdoor decks are typically designed as raised, timbered structures, they will present a prime location for leisure and social gatherings. Typically affixed to the backside of a dwelling, these platforms can offer an array of conveniences, including seating arrangements, dining spaces, and even custom-built features.

Built-in benches or planters are an easy add-on that will look amazing. Designed with an open-air concept, building a deck presents an optimal setting to bask in the natural beauty of one’s surroundings. Get creative with the colors you choose.


Walkways in a yard can be made of concrete, pavers, gravel, rocks, or flagstone. However, you can get creative and suggest shells or other materials you might want to use. Even broken glass can be thrown in for a mosaic effect.

Walkways are functional and add aesthetic appeal by connecting different yard areas. You can have a straight or curved pathway or create circle patterns walking on one at a time. There are endless walkway design possibilities.


Driveways are paved areas for parking vehicles. They can be made of concrete, asphalt, pavers, or other materials. However, driveways that include a mix of hardscape shapes and colors can take a plain driveway into a stunning focal point instead of a boring place to park your car. You can choose colors and patterns that will complement your home.

Retaining Walls:

Retaining walls are used to create terraced areas in sloped yards, helping to prevent erosion and create usable spaces. They can be made of stone, brick, or concrete blocks. These hardscape structures can add value to your home or business because you are adding to the curb appeal. Many communities here in North Myrtle Beach find that the developments they live in or new construction will have a greater need for retaining walls based on the uneven land you are working with. They do add a touch of elegance as well.

Hardscape Fire Pits and Fireplaces:

These hardscape features provide a focal point for outdoor gatherings and are constructed from stone, brick, or concrete materials. It’s all in the way you layer it and design it. Outdoor fire pits are more affordable and can easily be installed in one day if your chosen materials are in stock.

When looking for an outdoor fire pit installer near you, that will add to the cost but save you money in the long run because you know the job has been completed by professionals, and their services will have some warranty and protection in place. The fireplace itself will cost more, and so will the craftsmanship and hours of design that go into making such an incredible space.

Outdoor Kitchens:

An outdoor kitchen is exactly what the name means. It allows for cooking and entertaining outdoors. An outdoor kitchen typically includes countertops, grills, sinks, and storage, but you can customize each item and add on. You can have a small outdoor grilling station with a countertop and sink. Or go all out and have a master living and eating area that spans the length of your home, including a fireplace, television, seating, wood-burning oven, and more.

Pergolas and Gazebos:

These hardscape structures provide shade. Hanging flowers and plants here will attract butterflies and other wildlife that can be interesting to watch. They also offer some shade and look great at the beach.

They can be the main attractions in a yard if that is the look you are trying to achieve. Pergolas and gazebos are made of wood or metal and can be covered with climbing plants for added aesthetics and food.

Fountains and Water Features:

Fountains, ponds, and waterfalls can add a soothing and decorative element to a yard. They are beautiful, and many enjoy the peaceful sound of trickling or running water. It’s an affordable choice that will look expensive. It’s all in the creativity and details.

picture of gray pavers surrounding mulch, some rocks, and 3 different sized large mint green bowls that are being used as a water feature designed by elite coastal landscaping in myrtle beach

Finding something that suits your personality type will ensure your satisfaction with the outcome. Check out this water feature gallery and show Elite Coastal Landscaping LLC hardscape company in Myrtle Beach what you like, and we can do a 3D rendering so you can see it before installation begins.

Statues and Sculpture Hardscapes:

When enhancing the aesthetic appeal of outdoor spaces, many people opt for statues and outdoor sculptures as their go-to hardscape elements. These beautiful pieces add an artistic touch to the surrounding environment and symbolize cultural and historical significance.

From classical to modern designs, there are endless options to choose from that can cater to different tastes and preferences. Whether you want to create something personal or add a touch of elegance, statues, and sculptures are a great way to elevate the visual appeal of any outdoor setting. Not to mention, they are fun.

Arbors and Trellises:

Gardens always look more beautiful with a touch of vertical interest. Structures like trellises are popular – they create the perfect support system for climbing plants like vines and roses. With these structures, you will see them transform into a lush, green paradise that’s both stunning and functional.

Outdoor Hardscape Seating:

Benches, stone seating, and other seating arrangements designed with hardscapes can be comfortable and stylish. Outdoor hardscape seating done right will provide a comfortable, relaxing place. Everyone always needs more seating. You can tell Uncle Joe, who always brings out the extra lawn chairs in the garage that have been sitting there for months, not to bother anymore. Trust us, he’ll thank you later.

The choice of hardscape elements depends on individual preferences, the size and layout of the yard, and the overall aesthetic and functional goals of the landscape design.

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